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Stay Golden!

Crystal Salt
Never under estimate the power of a good tan. Whether you want that bronzed goddess tan or slightly sun-kissed glow, SunCoast Tan features 4 levels of tanning beds to achieve the results you want. We have a full range of equipment including relaxing 20-minute tanning beds, deep bronzing sunbeds with facial tanners, no tan-line stand-up options and more. Our 8 tanning beds are available on a walk-in basis for easy and convenient tanning!

Tanning memberships starting at 29.99/mo**

How do tanning beds work?

Tanning beds (aka Sunbeds) mimic the natural sun during the peak hours of the day. Each level of tanning bed has a different strength of UV index that it consistently reflects for every session. So how you tan in the sun is how you will tan in a Sunbed but much faster and more evenly. 

How long should I tan for and what level should I do?

Everybody's skin is different and has unique needs. Someone who burns easily would start at a different time than someone who tans easily. The goal is to give you an all over even tan without burning in the process. Our trained staff will match you with the right level of tanning bed and session times based on your skin and the desired results you're looking for.

SunBed Menu

Level One | Base Builder

upland tanning salon beds for light therapy

Level 1 - Base Builder

Catch up on sleep while you build a base tan at your own pace in our relaxing level one tanning bed.

Free naps with every session!

- Up to 20 minutes of exposure time.

- Low intensity.

- More UVB - The Vitamin D Ray

Level Two | Glow-Up

how to tan indoors. Rancho Cucamonga Tanning Salon

Level 2 - Glow Up

Give your tan a boost!

Get cocooned in warm sunlight and let the rays take you away in the level two "hot bed". Designed for quicker tan results without sacrificing nap time.

- Up to 20 minute exposure time.

- UVA & UVB ​(Moderate bronzing + Vit D)

Level Three | Bronze Me Baby

light therapy tanning bed Chino Hills

Level 3  - Bronze Me Baby

Tanning time is more like "island time" in this comfy and convenient level three tanning bed.

Deeper bronzing action for longer laster results. Get an exotic tan that lasts longer than your vacation!

- Pure bronzing facial lamps with an On/Off feature

- Up to 15 minutes exposure time

- UVA & UVB (Higher Bronzing = Deeper Color)

Level Four | You're Like Really Tan.

Sundome stand up tanning bed for an all over even tan

Level 4  - You're Like Really Tan.

With 360 degrees of sunshine, tan-lines are definitely optional in the high pressure level four stand-up tanning booth. Designed to give you fast, flawless, dark tan results.

- Stand up tanning bed

- Up to 10 minutes exposure time

- High pressure = faster results

More tanning options and packages are available, call or visit the salon for details.

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