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Spray Tan Finishing Powder | Sunless Shimmer 2oz

Spray Tan Finishing Powder | Sunless Shimmer 2oz

Sunless Shimmer Finishing Powder is a body powder with a gorgeous iridescent shimmer that eliminates odors and unwanted post spray tan stickiness, giving you soft and glowing bronzed skin! Made with a silky blend of all natural ingredients that set and dry your tan fast, preventing the color-transfer. Sunless Shimmer Finishing Powder promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin and helping to eliminate toxins.
Use the Sunless Shimmer Finishing Powder daily to help absorb sweat and reduce oil production, extending the life of your tan! Apply with a make up brush.
Fragrance: Coconut Cream

Arrow root powder, natural mica, essential oils.

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